KTB Group has been focusing on boosting its corporate value through aggressive expansion, as evidenced by its recent acquisition of Eugene Savings Bank.

PUBLISHED NEWS | 30 July 2021 |  www.ktb.co.kr/corporation/eng/info.jsp

PUBLISHED NEWS | 28 July 2021 |  www.petracapital.com.au

The platform is designed to create low friction solutions for SPAC Sponsors, as well as underwriters.

MEDIA RELEASE | 28 July 2021 |  www.terracap.com

The company has appointed Petra Capital and Euroz Hartleys as joint lead managers.

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The majority of the subscribers to the Placing were institutional and high net worth investors, including both new investors and existing shareholders, and also clients of First Equity Limited in the United Kingdom, who acted as UK manager to the Placing, and Petra Capital, who acted Australian manager to the Placing.

PUBLISHED NEWS | 09 July 2021 |  www.petracapital.com.au

The company has gone public with a value of 15.86 million euros, at a price of 1.85 euros per share. After its first day of trading, it ended the day at 2.88 euros per share, bringing its market capitalization to around 24.7 million euros.

MEDIA RELEASE | 09 July 2021 |  www.grupo.gvcgaesco.com

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Novatti has appointed Petra Capital as the sole lead manager and the raise will be comprised of three tranches – a $40 million institutional placement over two tranches and a share purchase plan for retail investors of up to $5 million.

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Jaume Puig, General and Investment Director of GVC Gaesco was quoted: With the normalization of the recovery, those values and indices such as the Ibex should continue to rise.

PUBLISHED NEWS | 25 June 2021 |  www.petracapital.com.au

The equity offer was pitched to funds by lead managers Euroz Hartleys and Macquarie Capital on Thursday, as well as co-managers Canaccord, Kett Capital Advisors and Petra Capital, at 40¢ per share – an 11.1 per cent discount to its 45¢ closing price on Wednesday.

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GoodTime, the leading AI-based interview scheduling and hiring experience solution, has added $9.5M million to its Series A funding, bringing the total round to $16.7 million

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Víctor Peiró, director of analysis of GVC Gaesco Valores, explains that, ′′ taking into account the multiples and the revaluation from the exit to Bolsa (of 215 %), we see positive to approach the opa of #Solarpack ′′

MEDIA RELEASE | 22 June 2021 |  www.grupo.gvcgaesco.com

GOTHAM Magazine, the US' premiere glossy publication chronicling the upscale New York City lifestyle names CGD's Capella Bangkok and Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River as 2 of the 5 best luxury hotels in Bangkok.

MEDIA RELEASE | 21 June 2021 |  www.cgd.co.th/en

Diego Revuelta, responsible for #investment products and services of GVC Gaesco, analyzes the situation of #rentafija and its best assets

MEDIA RELEASE | 21 June 2021 |  www.grupo.gvcgaesco.com

Mana Nimitvanich, first vice-president of KTB, expects demand for PHEVs to grow and eventually command a 93% market share of total EV sales.

PUBLISHED NEWS | 18 June 2021 |  www.ktb.co.kr/corporation/eng/info.jsp

The company had brokers Euroz Hartleys and Petra Capital in the market with a $21 million placement on Friday morning, which would be followed by a $4 million share purchase plan.

PUBLISHED NEWS | 04 June 2021 |  www.petracapital.com.au

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“When the markets overreact is when the manager gets the best opportunities . In this context it is necessary to act ”. A strategy that has given GVC Gaesco excellent results , as Jaume Puig tells us in this interview , very satisfied, it could not be otherwise, that 'his funds' have catapulted 131%.

PUBLISHED NEWS | 30 MAY 2021 | GVC Gaesco

Jesús Muela, Deputy Director General of GVC Gaesco Valores, writes a new opinion piece called 'Investing in quoted #PMS is a real option'

MEDIA RELEASE | 28 MAY 2021 | GVC Gaesco

"It is very novel since the formulas used to achieve profitability are built, on the one hand, on the basis of the history and evolution of the growth and value cycles during the last 100 years and, on the other hand, on a very solid economic foundation that underlies this factor, which in the equity markets realism prevails", explains Jaume Puig, CEO and investment director of GVC Gaesco Gestión.

PUBLISHED NEWS | 28 MAY 2021 | GVC Gaesco

Petra Capital acted as Co-Lead Manager raising $40m - fully underwritten two-tranche placement

PUBLISHED NEWS | 27 MAY 2021 |  Petra Capital

MEDIA RELEASE | 27 MAY 2021 | Eurofast International

Petra Capital was lead manager on that deal and was calling for bids by 5pm on Monday.

PUBLISHED NEWS | 27 MAY 2021 |  Petra Capital

The main conclusion of the discussion table, moderated by José Antonio Tamayo , General Director of Markets of GVC Gaesco, has been that the demand for ESG investment is increasing and that sustainability criteria are not only a plus, but also they can even subtract investments and opportunities for those companies that do not take them into account.

PUBLISHED NEWS | 26 MAY 2021 | GVC Gaesco

HSC signed an unsecured loan contract worth 44 million USD or more than 1 trillion VND with a group of seven Taiwanese financial institutions, led by First Commercial Bank (FCB).

PUBLISHED NEWS | 19 MAY 2021 | Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation

Petra Capital is pleased to have been appointed as a Co-Manager in the A$20M placement for New World Resources.

MEDIA RELEASE | 11 MAY 2021 | Petra Capital

PUBLISHED NEWS | 3 MAY 2021 | GVC Gaesco

Cryptomind wants to provide advice and select the top 20 crypto coins to be traded on CGS's trading application next year.

PUBLISHED NEWS | MAY 2021 | Country Group Holdings

MEDIA RELEASE | MAY 2021 | Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation